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Welcome to AGRA JACK .  The AGRA JACK High Lift Sprayer Jack systems revolutionary patented design was developed as a safe means of changing the tires on large self propelled Farm Sprayers.  When it's all said and done, the AGRA JACK High Lift Sprayer Jack is both very safe and fast to use.  Weighing in at 250lbs,  AGRA JACK is no light weight but is as easy to use as a two wheel shop cart.


The design of AGRA JACK High Lift Sprayer Jack allows the tires to be changed in minutes, instead of hours.


The AGRA JACK High Lift Sprayer Jack is designed and built to last a lifetime.  Ruggedly constructed from high strength steel tubing and heavy structural plating.   The AGRA JACK High Lift Sprayer Jack  is Powered by air over hydraulics.  We also include the jack with the Agra Jack.  Two bolts and a special clamp hold the jack in place, so it won't fall out.


Keep in mind, AGRA JACK is not a CHEAP COPY, it's the original and only

patented sprayer jack and also has a Certified Engineer's Rating.  Assuring you that AGRA JACK meets engineering standards and is safe to use. If you have looked at a cheap copy,  Ask yourself this, What quality did they take away to make it cheaper.  The bottom line is  " What's Your Life Worth".  AGRA JACK is designed to protect you and your family.


                             WE ALSO BUILD CUSTOM JACK

AGRA JACK will custom  build a jack for you to meet your needs.  





The Agra Jack and Tire Wrangler team are real time savers.  Allowing you can change 4 tires in the same or less time that it takes to change one the old way.  Plus they are safer than any other system in the industry.


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