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               STRUT LOCK

The AGRA JACK Strut Lock was designed to be used on John Deere Sprayers.   Take note one end has a wide flange on it.  That is the end that is placed against the strut dust seal.  The wide flange keeps the clamp from slipping into the dust seal channel and damaging the seal and the crome on the strut.  It is  also rubber lined for additional protection for the crome strut.


The Strut Lock is simple to use.  Drop the air, wrap it around the strut and  when the sprayer is jacked up it lifts the drive and tire off the ground.  This is a real time saver when changing your tires.


The flange at the bottom is faced towards the dust channel, the flange is wider than the channel and keeps the Strut Lock from slipping into that channel and damaging the seal,   Something that others do not have or do.  Plus we now line the inside with rubber to keep the surface from damaging the crome on the strut.  

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