TIRE WRANGLER was designed as a Skid steer attachment.  Simply attach to your skid steer, connect the hydraulics, mount the control panel and you are ready to work.  Remove, install, rotate, lift, invert, lay down, pick up or stack your large tires.  Plus no sharp edges to damage your tires.

The Rotating Head allows you to rotate the head right or left to clear your fenders and other obstacles,  No more removing fenders to change tires.  Aligning the studs or bolts  is quick and easy


  The TIRE WRANGLER takes the heavy labor and risk out of changing tires on large Sprayers, Tractors or Combines.   By letting

 TIRE WRANGLER handle these heavy tires, you now can work safely.  One man can now change tires, But because of their size we still believe it's a two or three man job. 


  It just doesn't get any safer than the AGRA JACK, TIRE WRANGLER Team.  


We have adapters available for Farm Loaders, Loaders and Forklifts.


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